Tom Glendenning is one of the winners of the Moclín Arte competition to create work during the village's first art festival SUR
Three British artists win places in Granada art competition

Three British artists win places in Granada art competition

Jayne Stansfield, Tom Glendenning and Caroline Howitt will all be creating work for the first ever Moclín Arte art festival which runs for three weeks

Jennie Rhodes


Tuesday, 15 August 2023


Three British Artists have won the chance to create lasting works of art in Moclín (Granada province) at the village’s first ever art festival. The first prize in a competition to submit work for public spaces in the village was awarded to Jayne Stansfield, a Fine Art Masters student at Norwich University of the Arts. Stansfield’s winning proposal was to create a sculpture and mural depicting birds taking flight and she will work with children from local schools throughout the project.

The second prize winner, Tom Glendenning who lives in Spain, will create a series of murals inspired by the contours of the landscapes surrounding the seven villages that make up the municipality.

Caroline Howitt, a Moclín resident originally from Scotland, will be painting a mural of an olive tree on the façade of a local doctor’s surgery. All three artists will be working on their projects during Moclín Arte which runs from 17 September until 8 October 2023.

Moclín Arte is a new three-week art festival designed to promote sustainable, cultural tourism in the area. The festival will include exhibitions of over 120 works of art by 15 international artists drawn from all over Spain, as well as workshops, a conference, concerts and visiting artists.


Ian Rutter was appointed councillor for tourism and heritage for Moclín after the local elections on 28 May. He is organising the festival with his husband, Andrew Watson. “We are hoping that the festival will attract visitors from all over Granada province and beyond to come and enjoy some or all of the events being organised,” said Rutter.

He added, “This is such a beautiful and historic corner of Spain, yet it still remains relatively unknown. Moclín is one of many villages in rural Spain that is in danger from rural depopulation. The seven villages used to boast a population of over 5,000, but this figure has dropped over the past 20 years to 3,600 and the number continues to drop."

“Agriculture and construction are the main sectors for employment, but there are very few alternative options for young people. Tourism offers new opportunities for employment and investment” Rutter said. Moclín Arte coincides with the village’s main annual Feria.

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