Juan Pedro Ortiz, chef at Faralá in Granada city. Ideal
These are the best places for breakfast, lunch and tapas in Granada, according to a top local chef
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These are the best places for breakfast, lunch and tapas in Granada, according to a top local chef

Juan Pedro Ortiz, chef at the award-winning Faralá restaurant, reveals his favourite places to eat in the city

Alberto Flores


Tuesday, 7 May 2024, 22:48


Juan Pedro Ortiz is a chef from Granada who returned to his home city two years ago after spending 10 years working in different restaurants around Spain. He first worked in Almería with José Álvarez, then at Estimar in Madrid where he was also at the opening of Quique Dacosta. He is now the chef at Faralá which has won a Repsol Sun award.

"The city was changing, there were people who were changing the hotel and catering business little by little and I thought that coming back to do something gastronomic here was a good option", explains Ortiz.

"It was very nice that they thought of me and since I arrived everything has gone very well, to be honest". He says that since starting at Faralá, he and the team have been "evolving little by little" and that their aim is "to achieve excellence".

"We like to work with products from Granada with the best possible technique. The people who come to the restaurant leave happy and in the end that is what we work for," he acknowledges.

One of the dishes at the Faralá restaurant.
One of the dishes at the Faralá restaurant. Ideal

Ortiz can confirm that things really are changing in Granada, just as he predicted when he decided to return to his home city two years ago and whenever he can he visits different eateries for breakfast, tapas, lunch and dinner.

When asked about the place he likes best for breakfast, Juan Pedro quickly thinks of La Gran Taberna in Plaza Nueva. "It's where I usually have breakfast because it's very close to Faralá and they offer great service," he says. A perfect place to enjoy a classic breakfast where they serve toast and coffee "just the way you want it".

For the perfect place to enjoy tapas or an aperitif, the chef recommends visiting La taberna del Cosmonauta, in Calle Trinidad. "I like the area around Plaza de la Trinidad a lot because there are plenty of places to go". And this tavern is one of the ones he goes to when he wants to have a beer with a 'montadito' (small open sandwich), olives or another light bite.

For lunch, he recognises that it is difficult for him to choose just one place. That is why he highlights three restaurants because "they do it very well" and they are places where he "could eat every day". These are Le Bistró in Calle Martínez Campos; Bardana Taberna in Calle Marqués de Mondéjar; and Garbo in Calle Sócrates.

Finally, he recommends two places that he considers "perfect for a nice, quiet evening": Manigua Casa de Comidas, in Calle Laurel de San Matías; and Betula Nana, in Calle Málaga. "They are places that do things very well, are very well located and have a lot of charm," he says.

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