Animal rescue groups in Granada town denounce state of municipal dog shelter
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Animal rescue groups in Granada town denounce state of municipal dog shelter

Despite the complaints, the Guardia Civil's nature protection wing, Seprona, said it found "nothing to report" during the last inspection in Motril

Pilar García-Trevijano


Tuesday, 30 April 2024, 09:45


Animal welfare organisations in Granada province have complained to the Junta de Andalucía and to Seprona, the animal welfare and environment protection branch of the Guardia Civil, about the state of the facilities and the dogs at Motril's municipal animal shelter.

The groups claim that the company currently contracted to run the service is failing to comply with the regulations. The shelter has been run by the same company for almost a decade and it was the only one to respond to a new call to tender.

Gema Palma, head of SOS Animales Salobreña, said she regrets that the company, which has been subject to complaints in other municipalities in Spain, has every chance of having its contract renewed. In August 2023 Motril town hall terminated the contract with the company that runs the shelter due to poor maintenance of the facilities, which cost Motril taxpayers around 145,000 euros per year.

Veterinary care obligation not fulfilled

Palma insists that the obligation to provide veterinary care to the animals that need it is not being fulfilled, especially when animals are first taken to the shelter that visibly need urgent health care. Similarly, SOS Animales Salobreña points out that the kennels where the dogs are housed do not meet the minimum requirements as there are sharp wires that can easily cause injury.

"We know that in the last year several dogs have died in the facilities attacked by other dogs. In addition, dogs catalogued as potentially dangerous are given up for adoption without requiring the obligatory licence to have this type of breeds," the organisation points out in its complaint.

Extended contract

The Motril branch of the PSOE socialist party has also reported that the company was operating with a contract which had been extended for four years, which is why the town hall also decided to put the contract out to tender again and adapt the conditions of the tender to Spain's new Animal Welfare Law.

Motril town hall told Ideal, SUR's sister newspaper, that the company was the only one to apply for the tender. When the tender was published the department responsible for the shelter contacted several companies, but none of them responded to the call.

The town hall insists that it must continue with the process because the company meets the requirements. If the contract is awarded to the company in question, the town hall maintains that it will remain vigilant to ensure that the care given to the dogs is adequate.

In 2020 Seprona opened an investigation for animal abuse, abandonment and fraud at the municipal shelter. However, sources from the Guardia Civil say that in the most recent inspection there was "nothing to report". Ideal has contacted the Junta de Andalucía and the management company without success.

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