Exhibitors from participating companies and candidates at the job fair on Thursday. Ramón L. Pérez
Around eighty companies are currently looking for 1,200 workers in Granada

Around eighty companies are currently looking for 1,200 workers in Granada

More than six thousand job-seekers in the province attended a job fair in the province where expanding businesses were looking for new recruits

Mercedes Navarrete


Friday, 10 May 2024, 17:13


Granada has 74,533 unemployed people registered with the public employment services and more than 128,000 job seekers if you count those who already have a contract but aspire to improve their occupation.

And yet, finding qualified professionals is still a problem companies that are expanding face. There is a shortage of professionals in all fields: construction, trades, healthcare and, above all, the technology sector, which is unable to match its rapid growth with the training of professionals.

Granada city hall, the provincial body the Diputación de Granada, the Andalusian regional government, the University of Granada and the Chamber of Commerce joined forces to create a job fair which took place on Thursday 9 May.

In addition to the various public administrations, the Chamber itself and the army, 86 companies from all sectors, mostly from Granada but also national and international that are looking for new recruits took part. In total, according to data from the Granada Chamber of Commerce, 1,200 job offers were up for grabs.

Candidates were mostly final-year university students or recent graduates, but also vocational training students, unemployed and older people.

Digital platform

More than six thousand people registered on the digital platform where companies publish their job offers and which facilitates the digital exchange of CVs and contacts, as well as job interviews.

Mayor of Granada Marifrán Carazo, the Junta de Andalucía representative in Granada Antonio Granados, the deputy for European funds, development, industry and employment, Antonio Díaz, the rector of the University of Granada, Pedro Mercado, and the vice-president of Granada Chamber of Commerce, Concha de Luna, all attended the fair.

Almost all the technology companies with a presence in Granada were represented, but also traditional sectors and international companies looking for talent across all sectors including telecommunications engineers, mathematicians, developers, physicists, lawyers, installation technicians, site managers, plumbers, renewable energy experts, sports monitors, doctors, nurses, waiters, cooks and cleaning and maintenance staff.

At the opening of the event the vice-president of the Granada Chamber of Commerce took the opportunity to highlight the role of the fair as a bridge between job seekers and employers "we are the ones who, despite the difficulties, are creating jobs in Granada", she recalled.

The vice-president of the Granada Chamber of Commerce focused on the high number of vacancies and companies that are unable to find qualified professionals despite the high level of unemployment, and called for a reflection on the functioning of public employment services, which are not generally useful to companies.

He also called on companies in Granada to be not only employers but also as agents of progress for society. "The development of Granada is only possible with more employment and the growth of employment is only possible with more and better companies," he concluded.

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