Vessel found in a greenhouse in Albuñol. Ideal
High-powered 'narco boat' discovered in greenhouse on Spain's Costa Tropical

High-powered 'narco boat' discovered in greenhouse on Spain's Costa Tropical

The eight-metre long semi-rigid boat with a 350 horsepower outboard engine was uncovered by Guardia Civil police in Albuñol

Pepe Moreno


Friday, 3 May 2024, 15:46


The Guardia Civil has arrested the tenant of a greenhouse in Albuñol in Andlaucía's Granada province as the alleged perpetrator of a smuggling offence after discovering that he was hiding a 'narco boat' inside the facility.

Police discovered the vessel on 23 April in a greenhouse in Pozuelo-Albuñol, located next to the old N-340 and by the sea. The officers were suspicious that the entire perimeter of the greenhouse was closed with raffia fabric and polycarbonate sheets that prevented them from seeing what was inside.

After entering the greenhouse, they discovered the 'narco boat' on a trailer, along with two more trailers, 18 empty fuel bottles and a backhoe loader whose shovel had been modified to move the trailer with the boat.

Guardia Civil investigators were able to verify that the greenhouse did not house any plants, so it was specifically intended to store this type of vessel used in drug trafficking in the Mediterranean.

The boat is an eight-metre long semi-rigid craft with a 350 horsepower outboard engine and with no registration or supporting documentation. The size and power of this boat found by the Guardia Civil in Motril means that it could carry up to eight tonnes of cargo, which would enable the vessel to make trips with large quantities of drugs. The engine alone is worth more than 30,000 euros on the market.

Following the operation, it was confirmed that the premises were rented by the owner to a third party, who has been arrested and charged with a smuggling offence. In addition, the vessel has been seized and deposited in a judicial warehouse in Almeria province.

Ready to use

Police officers discovered that the ground between the beach and the greenhouse had been removed to facilitate the movement of the boat, both to land and to launch it into the sea. The investigation is still open and investigators have not ruled out the possibility of finding more people connected to the operation.

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