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Now you can call a taxi in Granada via WhatsApp

Now you can call a taxi in Granada via WhatsApp

The service allows immediate pick-ups but does not including advanced booking and aims to reach young people in particular

Sandra Martínez

Friday, 19 April 2024, 12:32


People in Granada city can, as of Monday 15 April, call a taxi via WhatsApp by messaging the number 628 28 28 29. The chat service will then ask the user a series of questions about the start point and the journey.

According to vice-president of Granada city's taxi association Juan José López, the aim of the new service is to increase the demand for taxis and to make it more user-friendly. It is mainly aimed at a young people who are the most frequent users of the instant messaging application. Once the system recognises the location and the user confirms it, the taxi service can be requested immediately.

However, this new option does not offer the possibility of advance booking. It will not be possible to book journeys of more than 20 kilometres, or pick-up and drop-off at the airport and other more complex requests, to ensure passengers arrive at the desired time.


There are now three ways in which you can call a taxi in Granada. Through the 'PideTaxi' App, via the taxi rank switchboard and now also via WhatsApp.

The taxi association is working on two videos to market the new service. One will explain how to use it and the other will be promotional to reach a wider audience. Users will also be able to see where the taxi they have called is via WhatsApp.

Another service the association will soon be able to offer is the option for users doing the same journey to share a taxi. They are currently working on the development of another App that facilitates the management of the service for users and offers a fixed price for journeys around the city and longer-distance trips that can be split between users sharing a taxi.

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