The mural created by British artist Tom Glendenning for Moclín Arte festival. SUR
British artist brightens up a corner of Granada

British artist brightens up a corner of Granada

Tom Glendenning was commissioned to create a mural as part of Moclín Arte festival in September

Jennie Rhodes


Friday, 20 October 2023, 08:16


A mural that British artist Tom Glendenning was invited to create in response to a competition with the theme 'happiness' as part of Moclín Arte festival (Granada province) in September is attracting attention from the residents of Puerto Lope and the local mayor is a huge fan.

Tourism and heritage councillor Ian Rutter said that while Tom was creating the mural during the festival local residents were “really getting involved”. Furthermore, Rutter highlighted that mayor of Puerto Lope, Paco Castro García, described Tom’s work as “phenomenal” and that he was delighted with the way Tom had “put his touch and creativity” into a work that includes the seven villages that make up Moclín.

The finished piece consists of seven murals which are cropped segments of a larger design Tom made digitally. He explained to SUR in English that the larger design “was inspired by the contours of a map of Moclín, within which there are seven villages”. He added, “My work is naturally very colourful so it felt like the perfect brief to get involved with.”

According to the artist the local landscape is “extremely rocky and mountainous, making for interesting shapes formed by the contours”. He marked the main roads on the mural to “help people identify where they live”.

Future festivals

Rutter, who organised the art festival along with his husband Andrew as one of his first projects since being elected as a councillor in May’s local elections, said, “Tom was really great to work with and the local residents really got involved. People kept going to look at the work and the mayor even took Tom for breakfast every morning.” He added, “The mural looks great. It brightens up a corner on the main road from Granada to Cordoba.”

British artist Tom Glendenning with his mural SUR
Imagen secundaria 1 - British artist Tom Glendenning with his mural
Imagen secundaria 2 - British artist Tom Glendenning with his mural

The councillor is planning to add a plaque with a QR code so that people can find out more about the mural and says he hopes to be able to continue with the art festival in future years. “It’s important to continue,” he pointed out.

Tom, 32, is originally from Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire but has lived in Galicia for eight years. He came to Spain to teach English and in his free time he creates art, which he says is one of his passions, having studied graphic design in London. Tom has exhibited his work and painted other murals in Spain and Morocco.

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