Departure of the Oasis of the Seas cruise ship from the Cadiz shipyard in 2019. antonio vázquez
May Day: These are the four luxury cruise ships that will dock in Cadiz tomorrow

May Day: These are the four luxury cruise ships that will dock in Cadiz tomorrow

The Oasis of the Seas, one of the world's largest cruise ships, is amongst them and it will be a different type of visit to 2019 when it underwent emergency repairs at the city's Navantia shipyard

Beatriz Estévez


Tuesday, 30 April 2024, 13:08


On 1 May, Labour Day, traditionally a day of protest of workers, thousands of tourists will arrive in Cadiz aboard four cruise ships. The ship names are LeChamplain, CostaDiadema, L'Austral and OasisoftheSeas - the latter being one of the largest in the world. Passengers will disembark into Cadiz city where most shops will be closed for the public holiday and there are two planned street marches.

The first of these vessels, L'Austral, 142 metres long with 132 cabins and suites for 264 passengers, is scheduled to arrive at 00.01am on Wednesday. This ship, inaugurated in 2011, will remain in Cadiz until 3pm, then bound for Lisbon. At 7am, Le Champlain (2018), some 131.46 metres in length, 92 cabins and suites and a capacity of 184 passengers, will set course for London at 10pm. At 8am the port of Cadiz will welcome the Oasis of the Seas (2008), with a length of 360 metres and room for more than 6,000 passengers. This ship from the Royal Caribbean International fleet will remain on the quay until 6pm, when it will set sail for Malaga. Finally, the Costa Diadema (2014), 305 metres long and with a capacity for 4,947 guests in 1,862 cabins, will dock at 9am, leaving the city at 7pm for its next port of call: A Coruña.

Some people might recall that the cruise ship Oasis of The Seas underwent emergency repairs in April 2019 at the Navantia shipyard in Cadiz, after suffering an accident at the Freeport shipyard in the Bahamas, when it was carrying out a tricky manoeuvre. The ship was entering the floating dry dock at the Caribbean shipyard when the manoeuvre went wrong and the floating platform keeled over, causing one of its cranes to fall onto the deck of the cruise ship. The repair, which was carried out in Cadiz in record time, was a success. Five months later, the ship returned to Navantia's Cadiz shipyard for a complete refurb in which, over approximately a month and a half, almost a thousand workers from the company worked on a daily basis on the refurbishment.

In addition to these four cruise ships, during this week another five tourist vessels will dock in Cadiz port. One of them, the Star Pride, will remain at the city's docks overnight from Thursday to Friday. This vessel (1998), which is 159 metres long and has a capacity for 212 passengers, will arrive in Cadiz on 2 May at 3pm and will leave for Malaga the following day at 6pm. This vessel actually arrived on 31 March at Navantia Cadiz, where it remained until 12 April for a routine dry-docking before setting course for Lisbon.

It was briefly joined by the Viking Neptune, which arrived in the city yesterday at 7am and remained until 4pm before setting sail for Lisbon. Built in 2022, this 228-metre-long ship can accommodate a total of 930 passengers in 464 cabins, and has a selling-point of being largely an adults-only ship with limited boarding for under-18s.

Today the other two should arrive: Aidacosma and Silver Dawn. The former, one of the longest cruise ships in the world at 337 metres, can accommodate up to 5,200 passengers in 2,732 cabins spread over 20 decks. It will remain in the city from 9am to 6pm hours, and will then depart for Malaga. The second, 213 metres long with 298 suites and capacity for 596 passengers, should dock at 8am and will leave Cadiz port at 11pm for Lisbon.

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