Two hundred people evacuated as a torrent of mud cascades down several ski slopes in Spain's Sierra Nevada

No personal injuries have been reported since, at the time, the ski lifts in Andalucía's Granada province were closed due to bad weather in the area

Laura Ubago


Monday, 12 February 2024, 16:02


Several ski slopes in Andalucía's Sierra Nevada were, this Monday morning, invaded by a torrent of mud. Fortunately, there were no personal injuries reported, since the ski station was closed due to bad weather. The images are shocking. The mud cascaded along the slopes of El Río and reached Pradollano, SUR's sister newspaper Ideal reported.

Ski resort operator Cetursa said that it was due to the episode of rain since Sunday afternoon, accompanied by high temperatures, which has generated a torrent of water, snow and mud from the well-known Morón glacier (Cauchiles-Parador area, on the south) that has affected the Maribel, Zaragatillo slopes and the final section of El Río, as well as the Mirlo Blanco activities complex.

The river of mud.
The river of mud. Ideal

In the ​​El Mirlo Blanco area there were some moments of anxiousness since about 200 people had to be evacuated, including many children. The Guardia Civil and Cetursa, using their vehicles, shuttled the visitors to the parking area because three or four local rivers flowed through this leisure area and converged into one.

Due to extreme weather conditions, the resort is closed today, Monday, and there were no skiers on the slopes, fortunately.

Before and after the arrival of the torrent of mud.
Before and after the arrival of the torrent of mud. C. Á.

The rest of the ski resort has also been affected by rain. During this afternoon, the operators will try to recondition the tracks once the storm has passed. The ski station will report later this afternoon on the forecast for tomorrow.

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