Post office counter staff in Andalucía attended nearly 15 million customers in 2022

Post office counter staff in Andalucía attended nearly 15 million customers in 2022

Correos claims that the satisfaction index for their services exceeds 86 per cent


Wednesday, 8 February 2023, 16:18


Newly released figures show that the 418 Correos post offices in Andalucía received 14.92 million visits from customers in 2022 – a similar volume to that recorded the previous year. Across Spain, the 2,389 post offices received nearly 88 million visits in 2022.

In a press release, the Spanish post office group Correos, said that 63 per cent of the visits corresponded to customers who went to the offices to send items or purchase other products or services. Thirty-seven per cent of the visits were from customers who went to the branches to pick up their shipments, many of them because they choose the offices as the delivery point for their online purchases, given their good location and extended opening hours.

The volume of visits to the post office network remained at similar levels in 2022 to the previous year. Over the past year, the branch offerings have been complemented by new options for parcel delivery and collection using the self-service Citypaq smart locker network, which reduces waiting times and allows services to be provided outside office hours.

New systems

Correos highlighted that the customer recommendation index has improved with respect to 2021, rising from 65 per cent to 71 per cent, while the satisfaction index has exceeded 86 per cent.

New systems are also being implemented to improve customer service, such as an appointment service, which is now available in 501 offices in the network. This service can be requested via the website, the app or the virtual post office. The customer chooses the day and time he/she prefers to be attended to and will receive a code which, when entered into the office's appointment machine, will allow for immediate attention.


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