Company behind the ‘injured bear’ at the Cadiz parade that went viral apologises

The company from Malaga, which has not been named, said “we are very sorry”


The company behind a malfunctioning polar bear that joined the Three Kings parade in Cádiz has apologised. The images of the bear, its head lolling to one side, became an internet sensation in Spain sparking memes and jokes across social media networks.

According to the owner of the company that made the bear, they are deeply sorry and embarrassed by the incident.

"It was a technical error. We could not control it. We have 13 years of experience and we do parades throughout Spain. In fact, that day we had several at the same time in different cities. But there was a mistake and that’s what happened here. I’m glad some people found it funny,” the owner said, adding that he and his co-workers did not.

The Malaga-based company, which has not been named, was hired by Cadiz city council to take part in the parade on 5 January.

“It leaves a bad taste in our mouths, we are embarrassed and it makes us very sad. The commotion about the bear is a little out of hand,” the owner added.