A change in the weather in Andalucía as a powerful storm will bring rain and wind to the south of Spain this weekend
Weather forecast

A change in the weather in Andalucía as a powerful storm will bring rain and wind to the south of Spain this weekend

The Spanish state met office (Aemet) has activated two weather warnings in the region from midday on Saturday

Almudena Nogués


Friday, 1 March 2024, 04:25


March has arrived on the calendar accompanied by unsettled weather which, according to the forecast of Spain's state weather agency (Aemet), will leave rain, strong gusts of wind and coastal phenomena in the Andalucía region this weekend.

"The westerly situation will favour the entry of yet another front this Saturday, in this case associated with a network of storms that will be distributed between the Bay of Biscay and the British Isles. Rainfall will be heavy on the Cantabrian coast, as well as in Galicia, the Pyrenees and the Iberian Mountains. The showers may spread southwards and eastwards, but without reaching the Guadalquivir valley, the Mediterranean coasts or the Balearic Islands", said José Antonio Maldonado, director of Meteorology on the Meteored weather portal.

At the moment, Aemet has activated two yellow weather warnings in the Andalucía region from 12 noon on Saturday. They will affect Granada and Almeria. In the latter province, the warning will be upgraded to amber from 9pm for gusts of wind of 60 to 70 km/h (force 7) and waves of 3 to 4 metres along the coastline. The probability of rain rises to 100% from 6pm onwards in inland areas throughout the region. In Malaga province, the rainfall will be especially beneficial in the Ronda and Antequera areas, where the probability of rainfall is over 90%.

Looking ahead to Sunday, the scenario does not improve much: "On Sunday the front will have already left the Spanish mainland, heading towards the Mediterranean. A post-frontal cold air mass will replace it blowing strong winds from the west and north, which will make the weather feel cold and unpleasant for much of the country," the Meteored expert added. In the case of Andalucía, Granada (with minus 1C) and Cordoba, with 3 degrees, will record the lowest minimum temperatures this weekend. On the other hand, Seville (with 22 degrees expected on Saturday) will have the highest maximum temperature.

This is Aemet's detailed forecast for the Andalucía region:

Friday 1 March

Fairly cloudy or clear skies, with intervals of high clouds on the Mediterranean coast. Minimum temperatures with little change; maximum temperatures dropping, more marked on the Atlantic side and on the Mediterranean coast. Weak frosts in high areas of the eastern interior. Light to moderate north-westerly winds, easing from midday onwards.

Saturday 2 March

Fairly cloudy skies, becoming cloudy from west to east during the day; light rainfall, except on the Mediterranean coast. Snow cover around 1,500 metres, rising to 1,800 at the end of the day. Morning mist in the mountain ranges in the extreme north of the region. Temperatures with little change, with frost in the eastern interior. Moderate westerly winds, increasing and with very strong gusts during the second half of the day on the Mediterranean coast.

Sunday 3 March

Cloudy or overcast skies accompanied by light rainfall in the interior of the eastern third, tending to be partly cloudy in the afternoon. Snow levels around 1,600 metres, dropping to 1,000 metres by midday. Minimum temperatures rising, with light frosts in the eastern mountain ranges; maximum temperatures falling across the board, except in the Guadalquivir valley and the Mediterranean coast, where they will remain unchanged. Light westerly winds, with moderate intervals. Very strong gusts in the eastern sierras and the eastern Mediterranean coast.

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