The intense calima in Malaga in March this year. / salvador salas

The dreaded calima is due to return to the south of Spain this week, and temperatures are set to rise

Airborne dust from the Sahara will arrive on Friday and will mainly affect the provinces of Malaga, Granada and Almeria in the Andalucía region - according to State weather agency Aemet

SUR Malaga

Anyone in Andalucía who thought they had seen the last of the calima, the airborne dust from the Sahara desert that stains everything orange-brown, was mistaken. The Aemet weather office says it will return later this week, although it will not be as bad as it was in the spring, when it coincided with rain and storms.

The calima is due to reach the region on Friday and will be especially notable in the east, especially in Almeria, Granada and Malaga. Over the weekend, it will also affect the Balearics, Melilla and the Mediterranean coast.

Temperatures are also expected to rise this week with highs of over 35C in many places, but the increase will be progressive rather than excessive. says Aemet. In Seville the maximum temperatures are likely to be slightly higher.

In general, the weather for the rest of the week is expected to be stable, with clear skies or only a very little cloud.