The number has risen in the past two weeks. / sur

Number of children in hospital with bronchiolitis in Andalucía climbs to 245 and 48 are in intensive care

Seville, Granada and Malaga are the provinces with the highest number of these young patients


The number of children in Andalusian hospitals with bronchiolitis has risen to 245, from 216 on 2 December. Of these, 48 are being treated in intensive care units, which is 14 more than at the beginning of this month.

Sources at the Junta's regional Ministry of Health have said that Seville province has the highest number of young bronchiolitis patients in hospital (69, of whom 20 are in intensive care), followed by Granada with 34 children of whom three are in ICUs.

In Malaga, 29 children are in hospital and seven in intensive care; 27 in Almeria (4 in ICU); 26 in Huelva (five in ICU); 25 in Jaén (three in ICU); 21 in Cadiz (2 in ICU) and 14 in Cordoba, of whom four are in intensive care.