An undertaker's vehicle leaves the Macarena church on Thursday. / EP

Body of Civil War era military leader moved to a new burial place under historical memory law

Queipo de Llano was one of the most brutal commanders during the conflict


The body of Gonzalo Queipo de Llano, the military leader who was notorious as one of the most brutal nationalist commanders during the Spanish Civil War, was removed from Seville's famous Macarena church in the early hours of Thursday morning, as his family complied with the government order for him to be buried elsewhere. Also moved were the bodies of his wife, Genoveva Martí, and war auditor Francisco Bohórquez Vecina.

Under Spain's new Democratic Memory Law, leaders of the 1936 coup are no longer permitted to remain in prominent places which are open to the public,"to avoid acts of exaltation, glorification or commemoration of human rights violations committed during the war or the dictatorship".

Despite the late hour, a small group of supporters waited outside the building and shouted "Long live Queipo" as the undertakers' vehicle drove past.