New parking metres on Almuñécar seafront / SUR

Blue zone parking comes into force on Almuñécar and La Herradura seafronts

Payment can be made via parking meters, the "parkinglibre" app or by bank card

Jennie Rhodes

Blue zone parking along promenades of Almuñécar and La Herradura in Granada province started last Friday, 1 July, to coincide with the start of the holiday season according to Francisco Robles Rivas, head of the Traffic Department at Almuñécar town hall.

“The paid parking will operate from 11am until 3pm and then from 7pm to 10pm, with a maximum of 3 hours per vehicle per day," explained the councillor.

Anyone using the service will now be required to register their vehicle’s number plate, similar to the systems already used in Malaga and Granada cities. The summer time zone has been signposted with an orange sign next to the horizontal blue sign, so that users are clear about the difference, as the commercial zone is only open in the morning.

Parking can be paid by mobile phone, the parking metres or by using the free application called ‘parkinglibre’. “This makes it easier for users to pay without having to go to the parking meter," said said Robles.

Blue zone areas

The blue zones are in place along the following promenades: Puerta del Mar and Velilla, Tesorillo beach, El Pozuelo beach, Avenida Adolfo Suárez (Galera Playa), Plaza de Abderramán, Paseo de Las Flores, San Cristóbal, Paseo Rincón de la China and Cotobro, up to the Los Ramos building.

It also includes zone eight, which includes Avenida Mar de Plata, Calle Pirámide and Avenida Amelia Sánchez de Alcázar, in the section from the junction of Mar de Plata to the junction with Calle Pirámide.

In La Herradura it affects Paseo Andrés Segovia, from the municipal market to the junction with Calle Alhambra and Calle Gonzalo Barbero.


There is an office at 26 Avenida de Europa (opposite the Hotel Carmen) and a website: for more information. There are also two email addresses for any problems: and, as well as telephone numbers from 9am to 2pm: 610449545 and after hours 697591293. Leaflets are available explaining how to use the ‘parkinglibre’ App.

Parking fees range from 20 cents (15 minutes) to 1.20 or 1.65 euros. Fines of seven euros will be issued to vehicles without a ticket and a 3.50 euro fine will be given to people who exceed the trime limit. There are also annual passes for residents and workers.