The vacancies include nurses and doctors, among others. / sur

Andalucía's regional health service offers 18,000 temporary jobs this summer

The aim is to ensure that there are no staff shortages in the Junta's hospitals and medical centres while permanent employees are on holiday

E.P. Seville

The Andalusian Health Service (SAS) is advertising 18,000 temporary vacancies this summer to cover for permanent staff who are on holiday, and final-year medical and nursing students will be considered for some of the posts.

In a statement issued on Monday, the regional Ministry of Health and Families explained that these posts are in addition to the 12,000 extra staff who were taken on to help cope with the pandemic, and whose contracts were renewed in April. The aim is to ensure that there are no staff shortages in hospitals and medical centres over the next few months.

These temporary contracts are for doctors, nurses, management staff, maintenance workers, and a number of posts in the catering, services and social care sectors, among others.

By province, the SAS is looking for 1,631 temporary staff in Almeria, 3,058 in Cadiz, 1,354 in Cordoba, 2,609 in Granada, 1,283 in Huelva, 1,219 in Jaén, 3,695 in Malaga and 3,393 in Seville

The longer-term contracts (from June to October) were advertised on the SAS job search platform at the beginning of this month, and the others at different times since. Long-term contracts of this type are normally for a maximum of one month, but as an exceptional measure, this year the term has been extended in certain categories.

Although the SAS does have supply staff to call on, in some departments these have all been assigned to temporary posts already and this is why the vacancies are being advertised.