President Juanma Moreno and regional Treasury minister, Juan Bravo. / SUR

Andalusian budget is rejected by regional MPs, heralding potential political instability

This year's spending and revenue plan will simply be copied over into 2022 now


The 2022 budget plan for Andalucía, which had been approved by regional ministers, was thrown out by the Andalusian parliament this week.

Budgets should be approved by the end of the year and this year's spending and revenue plan will simply be copied over into 2022 now as the ruling centre-right PP-Ciudadanos coalition doesn't think it will get its plan through even if revised.

Regional government spending has one of the biggest impacts on people's lives and includes, among other areas, schools and universities, healthcare and much social care. No opposition party supported the budget plan after six and a half hours of debate.

Loss of support

Although the failure to get budget approval should not speed up the next regional elections, due in November 2022, it spells a period of uncertainty in regional politics as the Junta will be forced to go back to the Andalusian parliament more often for spending approval. Hard-right Vox, up to now a partner with the government, looks to have split away completely.

Business leaders are worried about any forthcoming instability. Malaga Chamber of Commerce head, Sergio Cubero, said, "the 'no' to the budget is very bad news for business owners."