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Andalucía's Covid experts to meet to discuss new measures in the face of 'clear upward trend'

Andalucía's Covid experts to meet to discuss new measures in the face of 'clear upward trend'

The region's Minister of Health said the so-called Committee of Experts will meet 'in the next few days' to propose the adoption of 'some restrictions'


Monday, 22 November 2021, 14:04


The Junta de Andalucía’s Minister of Health, Jesús Aguirre, announced this Monday (22 November) in Cordoba that the region’s Covid-19 ‘Committee of Experts’ that advises on the management of the pandemic will meet "in the coming days".

Aguirre said the experts would meet either late this week or early next week, and he expects the committee will propose the adoption of "some measures" given the "clear upward trend in the cumulative incidence rate" of the coronavirus in Andalucía.

Speaking to journalists, Aguirre said that he will call for "the technical reports regarding possible restrictions, and the legal reports," which he will forward to "the entire Junta cabinet and the Committee of Experts” and between us all “we will decide what is the ideal date” for the experts to meet.

Healthcare pressure

Aguirre said, "We start from a premise that we have low pressure on the healthcare system, which reassures us, but we see a clear upward trend in the cumulative incidence rate [of Covid-19 in Andalucía], which, for now, does not involve a major increase in healthcare pressure," although, he expects it will "increase little by little."

Measures taken

The Health minister warned, "We will have to take some measures and they will be assessed [at the meeting of the Committee of Experts, which will take place] either this week or early next week, but it will be in the next few days." And it will be a "meeting for decision making" and, taking into account the technical and legal reports, "some measures will have to be taken", he added.

'Covid passport'

One of the measures that the Junta is studying is the obligation to have a ‘Covid passport’ in order to access certain health facilities, sports activities and mass events said Aguirre. He pointed out that Andalusian government has already tried to implement it, but the region’s top court, the Superior Court of Justice of Andalucía (TSJA), "rejected it", since the entire population did not have access to vaccination at the time. "But now if anyone isn’t vaccinated it is because they do not want to be," he stressed.

Aguirre pointed out, "If we did ask for it, which is possibly one of the requests we make to the TSJA, they should not reject it now, since access to vaccination is available to 100 per cent of the population [over 12] in Andalucía.”

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