The weather will be more like summer again this weekend. / sur

Another change to the weather in Andalucía, as temperatures are set to rise again

An isolated depression brought cooler weather and rain to some provinces this week, but nearly everywhere can expect to see 30C or more over the next few days

SUR Malaga

The weather in Andalucía has been unsettled this week, with a noticeable drop in temperatures and storms and showers in some provinces, including Malaga, Cordoba, Granada and Jaén. This was due to rain sweeping in from the west and an isolated high-level depression, known in Spain as a ‘Dana’.

Now, everything is due to change again in the region. The depression is set to disappear and high temperatures will return this weekend, reaching over 30C nearly everywhere in Andalucía. However, weather experts say it will not be as hot as it was in the middle of this month.

The State weather agency, Aemet, says inland provinces such as Cordoba, Seville, Jaén and Granada can expect 30C or more today, Friday 24 June, and Saturday will bring clear skies apart from some cloudy intervals during the morning in Huelva.