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Andalucía opens coronavirus jab appointments for the under-8s

A total of 120,804 children between 9 and 11 years old have already received the first dose of a Covid-19 vaccine "in just five days", said the region's health minister


The Junta de Andalucía will open the coronavirus vaccination booking calendar for children under eight years of age this Tuesday, 21 December.

The date was announced this Monday (20 December) by the region’s minister of health, Jesús Aguirre, during an interview on Canal Sur Televisión, in which he detailed that there are already 120,804 children between nine and eleven years old who have received the first dose of the vaccine in Andalucía, which represents 41.4% of the total "in just five days".

Aguirre stressed that this good pace of childhood vaccination allows the appointment books to be opened for the under-eights from this Tuesday, something that was originally planned for after Christmas, although it will be in parallel to the self-booking appointments that are still open for unvaccinated minors between nine and eleven years old, whose parents he has encouraged to make an appointment "as soon as possible."

Apart from children's vaccinations, Aguirre stated that a vaccination with the third booster dose (from Pfizer or Moderna) against Covid-19 is allowed for those under 60 who were originally jabbed with the AstraZeneca formula, "whether or not they are essential workers".

How to make an appointment?

Vaccinations appointments, for those who qualify, can be requested through the usual self-booking channels of the Andalusian Health Service:

Through the ClicSalud+ web page, via the Salud Responde app or by calling 955 54 50 60.

The region’s Health Minister also said, “Not getting vaccinated is high risk. In Andalucía there are still more than 520,000 people not jabbed. The figure is dropping faster because many accompany their children and others are more becoming aware," added Aguirre.