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Andalucía opens booster jab appointments for all those over 40 years of age this week

An appointment can be requested through all the usual channels including the ClicSalud+ website, the Salud Responde mobile application and the Junta's hotline number


The Andalusian Health Service (SAS) has this Monday, 17 January, opened the appointment diary for the Covid-19 booster dose to people born between 1972 and 1975, that is, from 49 to 46 years old. An age range that will be extended to those born between 1976 and 1981 (from 45 to 40 years old), starting this Wednesday, 19 January.

Those interested can request a vaccination appointment through the ClicSalud+ website, the Salud Responde mobile application (for Android and iOS), the Salud Responde hotline number (955 54 50 60) and also at a local health centre, preferably by telephone.

Eligible people can also use vaccination points without an appointment for the booster dose as long as they are 46 years old or older, as well as those who received a dose of Janssen or the AstraZeneca regimen and those 12 years old or older starting the vaccination process with the first dose or that are pending the second dose.

The SAS has reminded that the third dose of a Covid vaccine can be given if five months have passed since the second dose of messenger RNA vaccine was given (Pfizer or Moderna), or three months from the second dose of AstraZeneca vaccine or a Janssen vaccination. The booster dose will be either Pfizer or Moderna.

What if I have recently had the coronavirus?

In the case of having recently suffered from Covid-19, the SAS indicates that those under 65 years of age pending any dose of vaccine (first, second or booster) must wait four weeks for a vaccination after receiving diagnosis of the infection. However, from 65 years of age upwards, that four-week waiting period is not necessary, simply that the person is well and out of isolation.

The SAS also has opened appointment schedules for people who received the Janssen monodose vaccine and the AstraZeneca two-dose regimen. For people who received Janssen more than three months ago, regardless of age, a second dose is given with mRNA vaccines (Pfizer or Moderna). For people who received two doses of AstraZeneca, at least three months ago, regardless of age and whether they have had the Covid-19 infection before or after vaccination, a messenger RNA vaccine (Pfizer or Moderna) will be administered.

At the moment, those who received a dose of AstraZeneca and then a dose of mRNA (Pfizer or Moderna), or vice versa, are not eligible for this booster dose, since it has been observed that the immunity and efficacy of these regimens is more powerful and prolonged in these cases.

The request for a vaccination appointment can be made through the usual channels: the SAS website through ClicSalud+ (, the mobile application and the Salud Responde telephone number (955 54 50 60) and also on your health centre, preferably by phone, the SAS has reminded in a statement.

All information on vaccinations in the region is available on the Junta de Andalucía’s website