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Andalucía offers flu jabs without appointments

Andalucía offers flu jabs without appointments

Several primary care health districts are setting up schedules and spaces for vaccination, open to anyone over 65 and members of their households


Tuesday, 29 November 2022, 14:50

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Andalucía has set up walk-in points for flu jabs in all provinces this week, except Cordoba and Seville, with the aim of improving efficiency in areas that have below average coverage figures.

Several primary care health districts are enabling schedules and spaces so that those people who want to get vaccinated against the flu can do so without an appointment, the regional government's ministry of health said in a statement.

In Malaga these are the health management areas of the Serranía, La Vega and Costa del Sol; in Almeria they are the Almeria, Levante-Almanzora and Poniente districts; in Cadiz, the Sierra Cadiz district and the Jerez and Campo de Gibraltar east and west health management area; in Huelva, the Costa-Campiña district; in Jaén, the north and northeast district, and in Granada, the Granada south health area, the Granada district and Granada-Metropolitan district.


Andalucía registered 1,548,731 people vaccinated against influenza in the current campaign which began on 3 October, 63.9% of those aged over 65, and for those aged over 80 and people in residences, 73.5%.

In this group, by province, Almeria has 121,736 people vaccinated (58.1%); Cadiz, 201,124 (53.3%); Cordoba 175,416 (68.5% ); Granada 189,458 (61.3%); Huelva 88,418 (59.6%); Jaén 156,581 (69.8%); Malaga 271,172 (51.8%), and Seville 344,826 (59.2%). In the previous campaign, overall coverage in the over-65 age group reached 73.2%.

Coverage in the other main target groups is as follows: 87.4% of people in nursing homes, 30.1% of children aged 6 months to 5 years (14.5% in Almeria, 9.35% in Cadiz, 18.7% in Cordoba, 14.4% in Granada, 11.2%in Huelva, 27% in Jaén, 11% in Malaga and 14.5% in Seville), 36.5% of nursing home professionals, 45.3% of health and social-health professionals, 73.5% of people aged 80 years or more, 44.6% of the population aged 12-64 years with pathologies, 58.3% of the population aged 5-11 years with pathologies, and 29.1% of pregnant women.


As for the number of booster doses for Covid-19, 1,141,031 vaccines have been administered. Since 3 October, 82,818 doses have been administered in Almeria; 156,394 in Cadiz; 131,590 in Cordoba; 133,595 in Granada; 66,187 in Huelva; 106,273 in Jaén; 192,675 in Malaga, and 271,499 in Seville.

By age groups, the so-called fourth dose reached a coverage of 47.2% among the population over 60 years of age. Since the start of the Covid vaccination in Andalucía in December 2020, a total of 19,909,407 doses have been administered.

From December, and depending on the availability of doses, vaccination against influenza and Covid-19 will be available to those living at home with people aged 65 years or older or people at risk. People included in the vaccination groups can request appointments through the usual channels such as the ClicSalud+ website, the Salud Andalucía App and Salud Responde, by telephone through Salud Responde or by contacting their healthcare centre.

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