Almuñécar town hall has banned overnight stays in motorhomes and vans ideal
Almuñécar bans motorhomes from seafront after complaints

Almuñécar bans motorhomes from seafront after complaints

The town hall has issued an order to put an end to overnight stays outside of official campsites and is looking into setting up a dedicated area for caravans


Tuesday, 25 January 2022


Almuñécar town hall has banned the parking and camping of motorhomes on the town’s roads. Mayor Trinidad Herrera has issued a statement to remind visitors of these regulations and to stop the collapse of the town's promenades and beaches at weekends.

The measures come following a series of complaints from beach businesses, opposition parties and local residents, who called on the council to take urgent measures to regulate the problem.

According to the opposition socialist PSOE party in Almuñécar, there were about 47 motorhomes parked in La Herradura last weekend, as well as dozens of vans and caravans in Cotobro, Velilla, Marina del Este, Calabajío and in the area adjacent to the Mediterranean Park.

"There is no local police to monitor this type of vehicle and the worst thing is that there is no will to do so on the part of the municipal government. They allow them to camp on the main roads and promenades with total impunity. The motorhomes are parked for days, with doors and windows open, their occupants set up with tables and hammocks on the beach or in the area near the vehicle on the promenades, they have pets, they dump their dirty water on the beach, they shower, wash and wash the dishes in the public showers," said Rocío Palacios, spokesperson for the socialists.

"We demand an end to this permissiveness that damages our tourist image and has a high environmental cost. Motorhome tourism should be welcome in La Herradura and Almuñécar, but they should be installed on campsites and in public areas," Palacios added.

Reacting to the complaints, Juan José Ruiz Joya, deputy mayor of La Herradura, said, “We are seeing a proliferation of caravans on La Herradura promenade. We have had a meeting with the head of Almuñécar’s local police and have issued an order prohibiting camping and overnight stays. In addition, signage will be reinforced in the area"

He went on to say, “We have nothing against this kind of tourism, but we must regulate it so that it is not a nuisance for other residents." Ruiz Joya pointed out that there are two campsites in La Herradura.

The town hall will install new signs this week to warn tourists and remind them of the prohibitions. Furthermore, following a request from a private individual, the council will look into the proposal to create an overnight stay area for motorhomes in La Herradura.

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