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Agricultural exports from Andalucía did well this year despite inflation and Brexit

Agricultural exports from Andalucía did well this year despite inflation and Brexit

The volume of exports from the region dropped by three per cent but income increased by 16 per cent

Héctor Barbotta


Monday, 26 December 2022, 12:40


The Junta regional government's latest report on agricultural exports from Andalucía shows that producers are receiving better prices for their goods. Although the volume of exports dropped by 2.9%, income increased by 16% compared with last year.

The report refers to the first 10 months of this year and it reveals that exports from Andalucía during that time were worth 11.76 billion euros. The volume of exported products dropped to 6.4 million tonnes.

Almeria is still the leading province in this sector, with exports worth just over three billion euros, an increase of 15.7% compared with the period from January to October 2021.

Next was Seville at 2.94 billion euros (up by 27.4%) and then Huelva at slightly over 1.49 billion, which was 8.9% higher.

Malaga ended October with over 1.18 billion euros (5.8% more), Cordoba with nearly 1.07 billion (up by 23.3%), Granada with nearly 799 million euros (an increase of 7.3%), Cadiz with nearly 793 million (4.5% more) and Jaén with 376 million, which was an increase of 31.1%.

The regional government’s Minister for Agriculture, Carmen Crespo, said the figures were very positive despite the impact of inflation and Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union.

Ukraine war and Brexit, the two main factors

Experts say two main factors which have produced this new scenario of lower exports and higher income are the inflationary spiral caused mainly by the war in Ukraine and the rise in fuel and energy prices, and Brexit. The first increased the value of the exports but reduced the volume of goods exported, and the second factor resulted in a reduction in both.

The British market for Andalucía’s agricultural products dropped by 17.1%, although the British are still good customers when it comes to peppers (the vegetable which is in most demand in the UK), strawberries, cucumbers, raspberries and tomatoes.

Exports to EU and USA

In terms of agricultural exports from the region to EU countries, the volume to Germany dropped by 3.4% but income rose by 13.3%; France imported 9.2% less in terms of volume but paid 12.4% more; Italy bought 8% less but paid 20% more and the Portuguese paid 14.3% more for a 0.06% lower volume of products.

There has also been a new scenario in trade with the USA, as the dollar has appreciated against the euro, making Andalusian products more competitive in price. The volume of agricultural exports to the USA rose by 5.6% and income increased by 31% between January and October this year.

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