British PM reassures expats that their "rights as residents in the EU will be protected"

Theresa May.
Theresa May. / AFP
  • Theresa May sent out a message to UK nationals living in Europe on Tuesday

British prime minister Theresa May has told UK nationals living in the EU that the agreement the UK Government and the European Commission published on 8 December "guarantees that [their] rights as residents in the EU will be protected in the Withdrawal Agreement".

"You can have certainty that you will be able to receive healthcare rights, pension and other benefits provisions as you do today. You can also benefit from existing rules for past and future social security contributions," said May in a message published on Facebook on Tuesday afternoon.

"While I hope this agreement will bring you some reassurance, I know there are a few important issues that have yet to be concluded," added the PM, referring to the ability of UK nationals living in the EU to retain certain rights if they move within the EU.

"We will continue to raise these issues with the EU in the New Year," added May, finishing by wishing all UK nationals in the EU and their families a happy Christmas.

Read the full letter from Theresa May to UK nationals in the EU here.