'Bremain' campaigner from Spain invited to speak at Westminster meeting

  • Representatives from a number of 'Brexit' groups based in EU countries spoke at the Exiting the EU Select Committee in the House of Commons

Four people were selected to present oral evidence on behalf of British people living in other European Union countries to the Exiting the EU Select Committee (House of Commons), on Wednesday, including Sue Wilson, who lives near Valencia and is a prominent campaigner for the anti-Brexit 'Bremain in Spain' Facebook group.

Each of the representatives has already presented written evidence, which will remain confidential until posted on the government website, and was invited to answer questions from the Committee on Wednesday.

The Committee was made up of 21 members, which includes the Chairman Hillary Benn MP and Michael Gove MP.

Speaking ahead of her trip to London, Sue Wilson said, "Thewritten evidence I submitted covers fears and concerns raised by Bremain in Spain members - the main concerns relate to healthcare, pensions, lack of representation and loss of rights. I have also submitted written testimonyies from five members - myself included - highlighting our personal situations and concerns."

She added, "While I will be there to represent the 4,000 plus members of Bremain in Spain, I will also be speaking on behalf of all UK citizens living in Spain and official numbers say that number is 300,000, but according to the British Embassy in Madrid, in reality, it could be two or three times that number."

The other representatives were; Gareth Horsfall, who is based in Italy, Christopher Chantrey OBE in France and Debbie Williams who lives in Belgium and belongs to the Brexpats-Hear our voice group.

There were also four witnesses representing EU citizens living in the UK. Each group was given 90 minutes in order to give evidence.

Sue said that the group was expecting a lot of press interest in the UK and The Guardian has been following the story closely and would be in attendance on Wednesday. "We shall be stressing the point that we need action and answers as a matter of urgency, as people are already suffering, and can't wait two or more years for reassurance."