International recognition for Axarquía research scientists

The main entrance to the La Mayora institute in Algarrobo.
The main entrance to the La Mayora institute in Algarrobo. / SUR
  • The University of Stanford named five researchers based at the institute for subtropical horticulture in Algarrobo

The American University of Stanford has included five horticultural researchers from the eastern Costa del Sol on a list of the best scientists in the world in their fields.

The five scientists based at the Mediterranean institute for subtropical horticulture - also known as La Mayora - in Algarrobo, were recognised in a recent publication from the prestigious Californian university in a number of different categories.

The list takes into account work carried out up to and including 2019.

Antonio Heredia received recognition for his research into tomatoes, while Gonzalo Claros's work on the use of artificial intelligence and digital image processing in horticulture was also mentioned.

Iñaki Hormaza's research into tropical fruit including avocado, mango and custard apple appeared on the list, as did Sonia Osorio and Jesús Navas's research into plants and botany.

The centre, which is a partnership between the University of Malaga and the national government's council for scientific investigation (CSIC), has become an international point of reference for research into horticulture and subtropical fruit.

The main areas of research at the centre are genetics and biotechnology, the subtropical fruit sector, insects and microorganisms and their interaction with plants and microbiology and the protection of crops.