Cómpeta councillors vote to give mayor huge pay rise

José Moyano (centre) with other councillors.
José Moyano (centre) with other councillors. / SUR
  • The measure, which raised José Moyano's annual salary to over 40,000 euros per year, was supported by PSOE, Por Mi Pueblo and Ciudadanos, but opposed by the PP

Councillors in Cómpeta voted last week in favour of a pay rise for current mayor, José Moyano, from 10,000 to 42,452.24 euros per year, the maximum allowed by law for the position.

The town's two deputy mayors will also get a two per cent increase, which will mean an extra 650 euros in 2020. Justifying the rise, Moyano said that what he will earn is "exactly the same as [his predecessor] Obulio Pérez."

Pérez , whose opposition PP party voted against the rise, criticised Moyano "for having boasted about lowering the salary to 10,000 euros when he took office in June."