The wealthy, not the poor, should pay motorway tolls, says Malaga UP leader

Alberto Garzón
Alberto Garzón / MIGUE FERNANDEZ
  • The leader of Unidas Podemos in Malaga, Alberto Garzón, suggested the measure at an event in Malaga Port ahead of the 10 November General Election

Motorways should be free of charge for people with low incomes to use, but those with more money should have to pay the tolls, Alberto Garzón said this week.

At an event in Malaga Port to present part of his manifesto for the General Election on 10 November, the head of Unidas Podemos in Malaga said the motorway tolls should be abolished for people with few resources, "not for those who own Ferraris".

He said he believes the first step would be to remove the tolls altogether and then take time to consider a transport model which would mean that people with high incomes would be charged via a badge system.