Banús foreign tourists are second biggest spenders in Spanish shops

  • Foreign tourists shopping in Marbella's Puerto Banús spend on average 994 euros each

The Costa del Sol is full of tourists spending their money. With the warm weather and endless places to shop, the Costa attracts many tourists eager to take advantage of the shopping.

According to a report prepared by Spain's Ostelea tourism school, foreign tourists shopping in Marbella's Puerto Banús spend on average 994 euros each, second only to those in the Barrio de Salamanca, the most upmarket area of Madrid, with 1,011 euros.

Malaga province is also third for sales of VAT refundable goods to tourists from outside the EU. It accounts for 6 per cent of sales, with Barcelona taking 51 per cent and Madrid 38 per cent.

The report also reveals that there is an increase in tourists spending their money during the Christmas period, with cities such as Malaga attracting crowds with their elaborate light displays.

Tourists in Spain are mainly shopping for clothes and accessories (52.2%), followed by watches and jewellery (13.8%), leather items (13.4%) and electronics (7.3%).

Tourists from outside the European Union spend on average 515 euros per purchase, and the Chinese are the most profitable averaging 1,000 euros per shopping trip.

Both Barcelona and Madrid are tied in second place behind London as Europe's best shopping destinations, according to the report.

Hong-Kong leads the ranking as the best shopping destination in the Asia- Pacific area, whilst Geneva and Zurich have the most average tourist expenditure in Europe.

As a whole, European destinations exceed 50 per cent of global tax-free purchases.