A 'hole' lot of bother in Ronda this week

A driver lost control
A driver lost control / SUR
  • Two separate incidents involving holes in the ground in Ronda have caused problems for motorists

Two separate incidents involving very different types of holes in the ground in Ronda this week have caused problems for motorists (for different reasons) and aroused the curiosity of passersby.

Early last Sunday morning, a driver lost control and sent the car he was driving into the entrance stairwell of an underground car park. A subsequent breathalyser test showed positive. Meanwhile, council workers have begun the emergency filling in of a 250-cubic-metre sinkhole discovered eroded under a thin surface layer in an area normally full of tourists.

Officials have started filling it with concrete after a study and say it will take 40 lorry loads of cement to replace the original ground swept away in rains.