Estepona council seeks approval for dog beach at La Morocha

  • The council has also drawn upmeasures to tackle dog mess on the streets

Estepona has asked the Junta de Andalucía for permission to designate a 10,000-square-metre area of beach in the La Morocha area, east of the town, as a dog beach.

The stretch of sand is located between the mouths of the Padrón and Castor rivers and, if approved, it will be able to be used by dog owners and their pets under special conditions.

Currently dogs are not allowed on any local beach in high season but, if approved, the new dog beach will have special signage, authorising dogs to bathe in the water under the supervision of their owners.

As well as announcing its application to the regional government, the council has also been explaining measures to tackle dog mess on the streets.

It will provide owners with 2,000 bottles to fill with water and vinegar to wash down urine from their pets.