Project pending ministry's road access decision after partial PGOU approval

  • The town plan includes projects for 6,000 new homes in Torremolinos

The use of the land north of the congress centre for the new commercial and leisure centre project was not included in the part of the town's new PGOU (town master plan) that was approved earlier this week. The scheme is still waiting for a favourable report from the central government regarding road access. In October the town hall sent three possible solutions to the Roads Department at the Ministry of Public Works to facilitate vehicle access to the new centre from the main roads.

New developments

The partially approval of the new PGOU for Torremolinos by the regional government comes after a ten-year adminisatrative tug-of-war between the Junta and the Town Hall. It paves the way for numerous development projects in the town, including plans for 6,000 new homes. Despite this designation of new areas for construction, the town hall states that Torremolinos will still have a ratio of green areas of 18.12 square metres per inhabitant, higher than the minimum legal ratio (five square metres) and the ratio recommended by the World Health Organisation (ten square metres). The new plan also includes the construction of a park with cycle tracks and footpaths in the hills.