Susana Díaz tells the EU to take into account Andalucía's special situation regarding Brexit

Pierre Moscovici and Susana Díaz.
Pierre Moscovici and Susana Díaz. / EFE
  • She expressed her concern about the economic impact on the region, which is the only one on the continent with a land border with the UK

The president of the Junta de Andalucía, Susana Díaz, has told the EU that in its negotiations with the UK regarding Brexit it needs to take into account the fact that the region's situation and circumstances are unique.

On the second day of her visit to Brussels, she pointed out to the European Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs and Taxation, Pierre Moscovici, that Andalucía is the only region on the European continent to have a land border with the UK, and expressed her concern about the economic impact which Brexit could have on the region.

She also underlined the fact that 8,000 workers from Andalucía cross the border into Gibraltar every weekday, Britain is the biggest source market for tourism to the region and Andalucía is also home to a very large community of British residents, all factors which make the region unusual.

The Andalusian president also expressed her concern that instead of using State funds for investment in Andalucía, the Spanish government is using EU money. In her opinion, this is what happened with the EU funding from 2007 to 2013, and she said that Andalucía did not receive 7.5 billion euros which it should have done during that period, because the government was using cohesion funds to invest in Andalucía whereas those are supposed to be additional, “for better convergence.”

Susana Díaz and Pierre Moscovici seem to get on well and this was reflected in their posts on social media following their meeting. This was the third time they had met professionally. The Andalusian president visited Mr Moscovici in Brussels a year ago, and in June this year he came to Andalucía for a meeting with her at the Palacio San Telmo.

Moscovici posted on his Twitter account that he was delighted to have welcomed her again, and noted that investment and solidarity are communal priorities in Brussels and in Seville.

Susana Diaz replied with a tweet of her own, thanking him for his time and attention, and also for his “sensitivity” regarding Andalucía's problems.