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Tango, rock and music from the movies in a treasure cave

Tango, rock and music from the movies in a treasure cave

Four exclusive concerts are offered in Rincón de la Victoria's Cueva del Tesoro with audience capacity limited to just 80 seats

Friday, 10 February 2023, 10:38

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Rincón de la Victoria's Cueva del Tesoro provides the backdrop for the music festival of the same name throughout February.

Four exclusive concerts with a capacity for 80 people are being given inside the cave and soloists, tango, music from films by Pedro Almodóvar and Andalusian rock are on the programme: On Friday 10 February Enrique Ramil Señoras de la Canción.

The company Rea Danza with the show La Revuelta are performing tango on Friday 17, Adriana Rogan with Todo sobre Almodóvar on Friday 24 and Pepe Roca, singer with the Andalusian rock band Alameda is performing Homenaje al rock Andaluz on Tuesday 28.

Buenos Aires

Rea Danza will transport the audience to the streets of Buenos Aires with their tango show, while Malaga-born Adriana Rogan will be performing music from a selection of Pedro Almodóvar films

The festival will be brought to a close by Pepe Roca and his band who will be bringing some of the best of Andalusian rock to the cave, from bands such as Triana, Medina Azahara, Lole y Manuel, Camarón and Alameda.

There are 80 seats for each concert, complying with all the security and conservation protocols of the Cueva del Tesoro.

Tickets can be purchased in advance at the Cueva del Tesoro box office for 10 euros during opening hours.

For more information call 952406162.

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