Antonio González (right) showing the film to a local man. SUR
Short film captures Spanish village life 40 years ago

Short film captures Spanish village life 40 years ago

Life in Spanish villages 40 years ago will be in the spotlight at the first Costa showing of a charming documentary film which was lost for decades


Friday, 11 November 2022, 13:33

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The Costa Press Club is inviting members of the public to the local premiere of 1982 short film El Pueblo, which was shot by an Australian camera team for the New Zealand government education department.

In its 24 minutes, the cam- era lovingly depicts a village in the Sierras de Andalucía, midway between Malaga and Cadiz, at work and play.

The showing of El Pueblo will be followed by a conversation about the fascinating story behind the film with Antonio Javier González, the university lecturer who discovered the work and recently arranged for the first ever showing in Spain - 40 years later - to the people in the village who originally took part in it. President of the Costa

Press Club, Jesper Sander Pedersen said, “Anyone is welcome to attend an inter- esting evening, especially those fascinated by the role of foreign commentators like Gerald Brenan or Laurie Lee in depicting Spanish life over the years. And lovers of attractive short films too.”

The event on Wednesday, 16 November, is free and has been organised with the Mijas Town Hall Foreign Residents’ De- partment. It will take place at Mijas council’s La Cala building from 6.30pm to 7.45pm.

The film has no spoken commentary and is suitable for non-Spanish speakers. The conversation with González afterwards will be in Spanish, with occasional summaries in English.

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