The colourful works reflects on contemporary pop culture. SUR.
Prominent Czech artist brings unique pop art to Marbella gallery

Prominent Czech artist brings unique pop art to Marbella gallery

'Happy Meal' consists of a collection of large canvases using innovative, nontraditional techniques

Friday, 17 May 2024, 11:41

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One of the most prominent contemporary artists of the Czech visual scene, Pasta Oner, is hosting his latest exhibition at the SIN Studio Gallery Marbella (Avenida Ricardo Soriano, 59), a glass sculpture gallery that is currently presenting works by famous Czech and international artists. Under the auspices of Libor Sečka, Ambassador of the Czech Republic in Madrid, 'Happy Meal' consists of a collection of large pop art canvases and graphic prints using innovative, non-traditional techniques. The richly significant images reveal a number of personal and pop mythologies and explore subconscious desires about human sexuality.

Pasta Oner, whose real name is Zdenek Randa, is considered one of the most unique representatives of contemporary Czech art. He has exhibited in numerous independent and public galleries with collections that combine and at the same time transcend the traditional genre categories of pop art and cartoon aesthetics.

Although at the heart of his work he touches on the principles of "post-production", his work deviates from the dominant currents of post-conceptual strategies in contemporary visual art and follows the unconventional path, which is sometimes deliberately controversial.

"Pasta Oner is a prominent contemporary artist and, with his characteristic, conciliatory and non-judgmental style, he has systematically reflected on contemporary pop culture society in all its meaning, value and symbolic layers," Jiri Topinka, the director of the gallery, said.

The exhibition can be viewed until Wednesday 31 July.

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