Women carrying firewood on their heads. SUR
A photographic record of the women who run the world

A photographic record of the women who run the world

To commemorate International Women's Day, the exhibition centre in Benalmádena is displaying the work of Lekha Singh

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Friday, 10 March 2023, 01:00


The Centro de Exposiciones in Benalmádena is celebrating International Women's Day with an exhibition of photographs entitled Las Mujeres que Llevan el Mundo (The Women Who Run The World), The collection consists of images taken by the American artist Lekha Singh. This is the first time the photographs have been exhibited in Spain and draw attention to the living conditions of different women around the world.

The almost one hundred photographs that make up the exhibition contain a great social and emotional charge and show the day-to-day life of women in very different situations and stages of life. Elite sportswomen, pregnant women, water carriers, women with sunburnt faces and teenagers are some of the characters that the artist has captured during more than 25 years travelling around different countries. India, Kenya, Morocco and the United States, among many other corners of the planet, serve as the backdrop for these images that immortalise and bear witness to the harsh living conditions of numerous women.

The portraits on display are a reflection of how millions of women carry millions of kilos across millions of kilometres of the planet. On their heads, backs, shoulders or arms, for centuries, they have carried children, carried firewood, water, food or baskets of cotton. Each of Lekha Singh's images presents the culture of a country or an ethnic group through everyday, day-to-day life. With this exhibition, which reveals the spectacular burdens they carry, the photographer Lekha Singh pays tribute to all of these women.

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