The festival supports and promotes emerging bands. SUR
Nagüeles Rock festival returns to Marbella

Nagüeles Rock festival returns to Marbella

Tony Bryant


Friday, 20 October 2023


The Fuerte de Nagüeles venue in Marbella will host an innovative independent music festival on Saturday (tomorrow), when Nagüeles Rock returns for its second instalment.

Organised by the Metalurgika Musical Association, the festival's main purpose is to support and promote promising emerging local bands.

This year's festival will present The Rabbit Holes, an Estepona-based indie rock, folk and flamenco fusion band who have built a considerable following along the coast.

They will be joined by Barney's Angels, from Marbella, a Spanish heavy rock band celebrated for their powerful stage presence; and Among Us, a band from San Pedro Alcántara who perform a style that is termed stoner-doom, a rock music fusion genre that combines elements of doom metal with psychedelic rock and acid rock.

Tickets for the festival cost five euros, and organisers, who say this will be "an unforgettable day", are offering free entrance to children under 12 to encourage whole families to enjoy the event, which will also offer food stalls and a bar area.

Doors open at 1pm and the live music will begin at 4pm.

For more details and reservations, see the festival's website

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