The presentation of La Noche en Blanco 2024. Marilú Báez
Malaga's Noche en Blanco 2024: a late night feast of culture

Malaga's Noche en Blanco 2024: a late night feast of culture

The evening of art and culture, which coincides with International Museum Day, will be held on 18 May with more events than ever

Francisco Griñán


Friday, 17 May 2024, 10:54

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This year's Noche en Blanco in Malaga city is taking place on Saturday, 18 May. The annual event, which sees museums, galleries and other cultural spaces staying open until late, as well as street entertainment, has as many as 152 different performances and exhibitions taking place in 87 spaces across the city.

The event coincides with International Museum Day so museums and exhibition spaces will be open free of charge. The programme includes free visits to all of Malaga's museums, including the latest exhibition at the Unicaja Foundation Cultural Centre.

Pop, classical, choral, gospel, electronic and flamenco concerts and performances, as well as DJs, will take place around the city.

Art and exhibitions

'La Vida Continúa Entre Hojas Blancas' (life goes on between the blank pages) by the artistic collective 'Luzinterruptus' takes place in the Alameda Principal: it is a wall covered in notebooks in which the public can interact by writing or drawing on the pages. At Mupam 'Magimorfosis' will be performed by dancers Ana and David Argudo. The Museo Casa Natal Picasso will be offering an immersion into the mythological world represented in the works of Pablo Picasso while the Pompidou Centre and Russian Museum offer light installations by 'Proyecto Luz', exploring the artistic capacities of projected light.

La Nochecita en Blanco is the space for children and families in Calle Tomás Heredia, Soho.

The main event will be a workshop of enchanted candelabras, potions, magic, storytelling and a fantasy parade, as well as 'The Magic of Our Earth', an urban gardening workshops for children. The Galamián International Academy will offer the activity 'The Mirror of Erised', a magical mirror from the Harry Potter saga which shows the "deepest, most desperate desire of our hearts". An event at the AC Málaga Palacio hotel, is aimed at children with special educational needs.

Tours and registration

There will be guided tours of the Alcazaba for which registration can be done online through the Eventbrite platform. The capacity is 30 people per session.

For other registrations see:

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