A week of German film in Malaga

Erhard Zurawka, Uwe Scheele, Reinhard Maiworn, Arnulf Braun and Eloisa Suárez.
Erhard Zurawka, Uwe Scheele, Reinhard Maiworn, Arnulf Braun and Eloisa Suárez. / Germán Pozo
  • The consulate, the Goethe Institute and SUR Deutsche Ausgabe have organised a festival that includes award-winning movies and Germany's Oscar candidate

  • Recent productions by a range of young directors will be shown at the Albéniz cinema

His favourite cinema, the Albéniz in Malaga, already hosts French and Italian film festivals, so it was logical that newspaper editor Uwe Scheele asked himself, "Why not German?"

This idea led to the creation of the city's 1st German Film Week organised by this newspaper's younger German sister, SUR Deutsche Ausgabe, along with the German consulate in Malaga and the Goethe cultural institute in Madrid.

The event will take place between 18 and 23 February and will feature recent successes and critics' favourites, such as Germany's Oscar candidate this year, Systemsprenger (System Crasher).

Another nine titles complete the festival lineup and all films will be screened in their original German version with Spanish subtitles.

The selection is "fresh", explained the director of the Goethe institute, Reinhard Maiworn, at the launch on Tuesday.

"They are all films from last year and, except for Andreas Dresen's production, are by young directors from a generation that we could baptise as the New German Cinema," he said, with reference to the movement that took that same title in the 70s, with directors now considered as classics such as Fassbinder, Wenders, Schlöndorff and Herzog.

The Film Week kicks off on Tuesday 18 February with one of the most anticipated titles, Styx by Wolfgang Fischer, which was screened at the Berlin and Toronto festivals and tells the story of the encounter out at sea of a leisure yacht with a migrant boat.

The programme continues with films by directors such as Lucia Chiarla, the 'German Woody Allen' Julian Radlmaier, Irene von Alberti, David Nawrath and Sven Taddicken, as well as the aforementioned Dresen and Oliver Haffner. In the documentary Exit, Karen Winther talks to people of different nationalities who have left extremist groups.

The German consul in Malaga, Arnulf Braun, pointed out that Spain only has festivals of this type in Madrid and Barcelona. He added that the aim was to make the Film Week a regular event and to promote the "exchange" of German and Spanish cultures.

It is calculated that around 60,000 German-speakers live in Malaga province - from Germany, Austria and Switzerland - who will be attracted to this festival, along with local film enthusiasts.

"The aim is to arouse an interest in the German culture by introducing the latest productions from our country," said Braun.

Tickets cost five euros from the box office and through Uniticket. They are also available via the Oferplan platform.