Punk rock festival to rekindle the colourful spirit of 1977

The Reinfected will perform at the Punkirola 77 festival.
The Reinfected will perform at the Punkirola 77 festival. / SUR
  • Safety-pins, orange Mohicans, ripped jeans and offensive T-shirts... the Punkirola 77 festival comes to Las Lagunas this Saturday

Those who participated in the explosive punk rock scene of the 1970s will enjoy the Punkirola 77 festival on Saturday 10 November. This exciting music festival will present several bands from the UK and Spain and will invoke the spirit of 1977, a year that the youth of the UK were revelling in safety-pins, orange Mohicans, ripped jeans and offensive T-shirts.

The festival, which begins at 6pm, will be held in the Sala Ana Marquez in Las Lagunas, Mijas Costa.

Some of the British garage and punk scene's most iconic bands will participate in the festival, including The DC Spectres, a three-piece band whose recently-released debut CD was produced by Rat Scabies, drummer of cult band, The Damned. Other groups to appear are The Anoraks, an East London punk band that has been performing for over 20 years; and Tin Fish, a three piece new wave outfit from Birmingham. The highlight of the festival will be the performance of Jesse Lynn Dean, singer of legendary UK punk band, The Wasps. Originally formed in 1976, The Wasps perform in the style of the Velvet Underground and The Stooges and during the 70s, they were one of the principal gigging bands of the London punk scene. Several local bands will also appear at the event, including The Reinfected, Absolut Pantz and Guiri Resort.

Tickets, which cost eight euros in advance or ten euros on the door, are available from

The venue capacity is limited, so early arrival is advised.