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Daniel Solomons brings together photos, videos, drawings, and sculpture.
Daniel Solomons brings together photos, videos, drawings, and sculpture. / JOSELE-LANZA
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Holocaust Remembrance Day

Marbella.Until 3 March. Galería Yusto /Giner, C/Madera 9.

Daniel Solomons’ ‘Olam haba / The World to Come’ is an exhibtion to mark the International Holocaust Remembrance and Prevention of Crimes Against Humanity Day. It is a series of photographs, autobiographical and some architectural, that highlight the Jewish cultural image in and around London.

Bola Barrionuevo

Malaga.Until 8 February. Galería Benedito C/ Niño de Guevara, 2.

A local artist, Barrionuevo has captured the city of Malaga from a bird’s eye view.

Museum Jorge Rando

Malaga.Until 25 February. Cruz del Molinillo, 12.

A temporary exhibition entitled ‘Nacerán Nuevas Auroras’ (the Birth of Colour) is currently on display. Email:

Jorge Rando and Carlos Ciriza, Museum Jorge Rando.

Jorge Rando and Carlos Ciriza, Museum Jorge Rando.

Rafael Heredia

Malaga.Until 27 February. Alfajar Sala, C/Cister.

An exhibition entitled ‘Mediterráneo’ by Rafael Heredia.

Axel Miret ‘Paso’

Malaga.Until 2 March. El Retorno de Lilith, C/Cobertizo del Conde 6, in Plaza de la Merced.

Belgian artist Axel Miret will be exhibiting a selection of his works.

Homes Real Estate and Art

Fuengirola.Until 23 February. Avda Los Boliches, 86.

Miguel Angel Barri, Swedish national of Mexican origin and Daniel Del Valle, Cuban, are holding a joint exhibition of colourful paintings and engravings.


Mijas.Until 12 February. Casa de la Cultura de Las Lagunas.

An exhibition consisting solely of posters created by artist Antonio Suárez-Chamorro between 1997 and 2017 for the Instituto Superior de Economía Local.

Salvador Madueño

Salvador Madueño, Mijas.

Salvador Madueño, Mijas.

Mijas.Until 26 February. Casa Museo de Mijas.

An exhibition of sculptures.

Alberto Tarsicio

Torre del Mar.Until 12 February. Tr3s Puertas, Avda Andalucía.

The exhibition is entitled Una Revolución.

Prisca Sinay

Vélez-Málaga.Until 27 February. Sala El Pósito, Plaza de la Constitución.

Dutch artist Prisca Sinay will be exhibiting a selection of her mixed media works.

Taylor and Martín

Nerja.Until 17 February. Sala de Exposiciones Calle Cristo.

Brendon Taylor and Maribel Martín are holding a joint exhibition of their works.

The “Indaliano” Movement

Antequera.Until 16 March. Centro Unicaja de Cultura.

Robert in Sepia, Mijas.

Robert in Sepia, Mijas.

An exhibition of works by several influential artists from this mid-twentieth century movement, including José Gómez Abad, Antonio López Díaz, Miguel Cantón Checa and Jesús de Perceval.

Jaime Pimentel: Sculptor

Benalmádena.Until 10 June. Centro de Exposiciones.

The icon of the town of Benalmádena, the statue of the little girl, was created by Jaime Pimentel.

Robert Hardy

Mijas.Until 6 March. Centro de Arte Contemporáneo.

‘Robert in Sepia’ is an exhibition of works by Robert Hardy.