Exhibitions in and around Malaga

Casa Natal de Picasso, Malaga
Casa Natal de Picasso, Malaga / SUR
  • Art in all its forms from paintings to sculpture, fashion and photography.

Marbella / Estepona

Mercedes López Charro

Marbella. Until 31 May. Kasser Rassu Art Gallery, Blvd Príncipe Alfonso de Hohenloe

Mercedes works as a freelance illustrator drawing a wide range of lifestyle, fashion and food illustrations, using techniques such as watercolour and artist marker pens.

El Campanario

Estepona. Until 15 June, El Campanario Golf and Country House.

An joint exhibition by Sandra Winkelmann and Dana Nowak.

Magpie International Gallery.

Marbella. Until 18 May. C/Virgen del Pilar. 200m from port.

An exhibition ofphotographic art by British artist Ginny Aston entitled ‘Reflections on Reflections’.

Ludovic Cesari

San Pedro. Until 20 June. Bhubo Decoración

French born artist/photographer Ludovic Cesari is displaying a selection of his work.

New Longman’s

Estepona. Until 4 May, Plaza de Manilva, 6

An exhibition of paintings by Steven Timmermans.


The Russian museum

Malaga. Edificio Tabacalera, Avda Sor Teresa Prat. Tues-Sun 9.30am - 10pm.

The Russian museum’s seasonal exhibition until 16 July is called ‘Kandinsky y Rusia’ and comprises 78 pieces by well known Russian artists such as Kandinsky. The annual exhibition entitled La Dinastía Románov, includes many portraits of Russian royalty before the family were assassinated in 1918.

Malaga Glass Museum

Malaga. Permanent exhibition. Plazuela Santísimo Cristo de la Sangre.

The glass museum has two restored glass panels on display which were made by the Spanish company Mauméjean.

Ruiz de Luna

Malaga. Museo Municipal del Patrimonio (MUPAM), Paseo de Reding.

An exhibition dedicated to the Ruiz de Luna ceramic dynasty. Around 300 pieces are on display including ceramics , drawings, watercolours and sculptures.

‘Neighbours III’

Malaga. Permanent collection. Centro de Arte Contemporáneo, Calle Alemania.

Works by local Malaga artists are on display in ‘Neighbours III’. Many different techniques and subjects are included.

Museum Jorge Rando

Malaga. Cruz del Molinillo, 12.

The works of contemporary artist Jorge Rando are on permanent display. The museum also holds poetry and musical events.

Picasso’s birth place

Malaga. Until 11 June, Sala de Exposiciones, Casa Natal de Picasso

Picasso’birth place houses two exhibitions, both running until June. The first, entitled ‘Arte Recuperado (1916-1957) contains a selection of works by several Spanish artists on loan from Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia. The second, ‘Junto al aura de Picasso’, consists of works that harmonise with Picasso’s style and execution such as Tàpies, Julio González and Miró.

Travis Somerville

Malaga. Until 7 May, Centro de Arte Contemporáneo.

American artist Travis Somerville gives voice to the immigrants in the USand also stands up for the indigenous Indians with powerful art works that incorporates disturbing images such as the capes of the Klu Klux Klan.

Fausto Velázquez

Malaga. Until 31 May, Fundación Unicaja, Plaza del Siglo.

‘Frida Kahlo, La vida como obra de arte’ is an exhibition of paintings by artist and collector Fausto Velázquez. The artist was inspired to recreate the photos of Frida and her life in a series of paintings.

Arte Recuperado

Malaga. Until 11 June. Casa Natal de Picasso, Plaza de la Merced.

A selection of paintings entitled ‘Arte Recuperado 81916- 1957’ is on temporary loan to the Casa Natal. It inlcudes works by Spanish masters including Josep Togores, Esteban Vicente, Alberto Sánchez and Pablo Gargallo among others.

Jia Aili

Jia Aili, CAC Malaga

Jia Aili, CAC Malaga / SUR

Malaga. Until 18 June, Centro de Arte Contemporáneo.

Jia Aili is an emerging Chinese artist whose works reflect the dramatic changes in Chinese society since the year 2000.

Francisco Javier Valverde

Malaga. Until 3 June, Galeria Columna JM, Duquesa de Parcent.

An exhibition of paintings by Francisco Javier Valverde entitled ‘Oleoramas del Parque del Oeste’.

Faces in a family album

Malaga. Until 30 June, Sala 17, La Térmica.

A selection of photographs taken by film producer Isobel Coixet of some of the stars in the films.

Automobile museum.

Miss Wonderful at the Motor Museum Malaga

Miss Wonderful at the Motor Museum Malaga / SUR

Malaga. Until 20 July. Avda Sor Teresa Prat

The museum has an interesting exhibition of haute couture as well as vintage cars.

‘Lo Aparencia de lo real’

Malaga. Until 10 September. Museo Carmen Thyssen, C/Compañia, 10

Three generations of Spanish artists are represented in this exhibition which reveals the artists’ attempts to create illusions of reality.

Bacon, Freud and the London School

Malaga. Until 17 September. Picasso Museum.

This exhibition is the result of an agreement between the Tate in London and the Picasso museum in Malaga. It features 90 works covering eighty years by renowned artists such as Freud, Bacon, Kossof, Ronald B. Kitaj, Michael Andrews, Euan Uglow and Paula Rego.


Paula Vincenti, Inside Out

Antequera. Until 29 May. Centro Unicaja de Cultura, C/Cantareros.

Argentinean artist Paula Vincentí exhibits a selection of her works.

Mijas / Fuengirola

Picasso ceramics

Mijas. Permanent exhibition. Centro de Arte Contemporáneo, Mijas, Calle Málaga, 11am - 7pm.

An exhibition of 44 ceramics created by Malaga artist, Pablo Ruiz Picasso.

Artistas Eclécticos

Mijas Pueblo. Until 19 May. Clínica Veterinaria, Avd México 21.

Works by Sinikka Ahokas-Gröhn, Elaine Carlton and Margit Björklund.

Elaine Carlton

Mijas. Until 31 May, Hotel TRH Mijas.

Elaine Carlton, Mijas

Elaine Carlton, Mijas / SUR

An exhibition entiled ‘Organic’ by artist Elaine Carlton. It explores the growth of living things and is created from natural products. wool, silk, rayon, cotton and metal.

Happy Artists

Mijas Costa. Until 1 June, BocArte Restaurante, C/Cómpeta.

Paintings by the accomplished An exhibition of works by Astrid Zehetner, a local Norwegian artist .

Graffiti Extravagance

Fuengirola. Until 11 May. Double Tree by Hilton, Reserva del Higuerón.

A solo exhibition by internationally known street artist, Victoriano. Organised by Artmoves.

Torremolinos / Benalmádena

Torremolinos Chic

Torremolinos. Permanent exhibition, Casa de los Navajas.

A permanent exhibition of photographs taken in the 60s and 70s entitled Torremolinos Chic. It features around twenty photographs.

Costa del Sol Photographic Society exhibition

Benalmádena. Until 26 May, Castillo Bil Bil.

Open Monday 10am-1.30pm. Tues-Frid 9am-2pm and 4-10pm.

Frontera Líquida

Benalmádena. Until 18 June. Centro Andaluz de la Fotografia.

A visual record of Andalucía and Morocco.


A. Hidalgo

Nerja. Until 11 May. La casa municipal de Arte, C/Almirante Ferrandiz.

Bright colourful paintings by A Hidalgo.

Galería Krabbe

Frigiliana. Until 13 May. Galería Krabbe, C/Rosario La Joaquín.

An exhibition of collective art work entitled Landscapes A4.

Robert Bell

Periana. Until 31 May. La Galería, Villa Olivia.

La Galería is having a special public open day on 5 May, 5-7pm for the exhibition of photographs by Robert Bell. Reservations and for viewings after that date email: or tel: 951139153