Panenka, wearing a replica of the Czechoslovakia kit in Los Boliches. N. Carmona

Watch as the taker of world's most famous football penalty replicates the magic in Fuengirola

Antonín Panenka repeated his famous dink during half time of a veterans' game in Los Boliches

Nacho Carmona


Monday, 22 April 2024, 15:20


Antonín Panenka, famous for his legendary penalty kick dinked straight down the middle to win the 1976 European Championship final against West Germany, brought the magic of that moment to Los Boliches football field in Fuengirola this Saturday.

Panenka was a guest of honour for a match between Slovakian legends and the Spanish champions, the Fuengirola Veterans' Association (featuring former Malaga player Jesús Gámez and coach Antonio Tapia).

The legend, now 75, didn't participate in Slovakia's 4-2 win, choosing to enjoy a coffee with some fellow legends on the sidelines instead.

However, during the half-time break, he took part in a penalty shootout where he recreated the iconic moment, sending the goalkeeper the wrong way.

"If I was paid for every time I was asked about that penalty, I'd be a millionaire," he said.

He denied there was anything improvised about it: "I'd been practising it for two years so I knew it would work out fine.

"During my career I took 30 penalties like that and I only ever missed one."

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