Spain's Carlota Ciganda, practising at Finca Cortesin on Monday. Josele
Solheim Cup 2023: three days, two teams and a lot of prestige at stake
Solheim Cup 2023

Solheim Cup 2023: three days, two teams and a lot of prestige at stake

The famous women's golf competition, which pits Europe against the US, is making its debut in Spain, teeing off at Finca Cortesin in Casares this week

Marina Rivas


Tuesday, 19 September 2023, 14:23


The Solheim Cup, the most prestigious women's golf tournament, has finally arrived in Malaga, specifically in the picturesque town of Casares.

With just over 6,000 residents, nestled between Estepona, Manilva and Gaucín, Casares is now home to one of the country's premier golf courses, Finca Cortesin.

Designed by Cabell B. Robinson, with captivating landscapes crafted by Gerald Huggan, Finca Cortesin is the stage where 24 of the world's top female golfers are preparing for the big showdown this weekend.

This week marks a significant moment for the Costa del Sol as it becomes Spain's first host of the women's equivalent of the Ryder Cup.

Practice rounds

The Solheim Cup teams consist of 12 representatives each from the United States and Europe. Historically, the United States has dominated with 10 titles compared to Europe's seven. That said, Europe are the current defending champions.

Although the competition doesn't unfold until Friday, the teams have already started their separate training sessions on the course.

From today (Tuesday) to Thursday, the women's teams will engage in official practice on the course. The European team, featuring Spain's Carlota Ciganda, will hone their skills on tee 1, while their American counterparts will use tee 10 throughout the morning.

The competition's grand opening ceremony, featuring the official draw for the pairings, will take place on Thursday from 6pm at the Marbella Arena.

Competition format

The tournament is set to feature two formats on Friday and Saturday. From 8.10am, "foursome" matches will unfold, followed by "fourball" matches from 1.40pm, both played in pairs.

In the "foursome" format, players take turns hitting on even or odd-numbered holes, while the "fourball" format selects the best score (the fewest strokes to reach the hole).

This format continues until the final day, Sunday, when individual matches (match play) will draw the tournament to a close.

The cumulative score over the three days, with the final day being the most crucial, will determine the victors of this prestigious competition.

This historic event, which is expected to attract over 460 million viewers worldwide and around 80,000 fans at the venue, has been instrumental in championing women's golf since 1990.

As it unfolds in Malaga, the Solheim Cup will add another significant chapter to the sporting and social history of Spain.


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