The location of the new Rafa Nadal Club in Malaga. SUR
New Rafa Nadal tennis club in Malaga city must include park-and-ride facilities

New Rafa Nadal tennis club in Malaga city must include park-and-ride facilities

A thousand-space car park forms part of the plans for the club which will also boast a 3,000-spectator centre court to host international competitions

Jesús Hinojosa


Tuesday, 18 April 2023, 18:17

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New details have been announced for the new Rafa Nadal Tennis Club proposed for a 33,000-square-metre plot of land on the western side of Malaga city.

In response to a request for information from the Unidas Podemos party on Malaga city council, councillor for Town Planning Raúl López gave further insight into the detail of the new complex which could be built on ground currently used as a car park next to the Palacio de Deportes sports arena.

López explained that the land had been set aside for a park-and-ride facility as part of the city's Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan, given its proximity to the metro station. Therefore, anyone wishing to develop anything on this spot above ground would have to comply with this requirement underground.

Specifically, he said, as part of its plans, promotor Sierra Blanca Estates foresees that the new car park will have in excess of 1,000 spaces.

Bringing international tennis to Malaga

It was also pointed out that the future complex affiliated to the Mallorcan tennis star would not be an academy, but rather a tennis club (only the fifth in the world, after the United States, Mexico, Greece and Kuwait) with 12 top-level tennis courts, nine padel courts and a central court with a capacity for 3,000 spectators which would allow international competitions to be held in Malaga.

It would also have an outdoor swimming pool and a multi-purpose building that would incorporate facilities such as a fitness and crossfit area, sports shop, restaurant, spa and a museum dedicated to Rafael Nadal himself.

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