The moment the money was exchanged. El Chiringuito TV

Surreal moment Malaga CF player sells match-worn shirt to fan is caught on camera

Following the 1-0 win over Atlético Madrid B, Dani Lorenzo was seen accepting a 50-euro note in exchange for his shirt

Borja Gutiérrez


Monday, 15 April 2024, 15:04


A surprise exchange between a fan and Malaga CF player Dani Lorenzo has gone viral after the player was seen accepting money in exchange for his match-worn shirt following his side's 1-0 win over Atlético B in Majadahonda on Sunday.

Following the match, as the players approached the stands to acknowledge the fans, one supporter seized the opportunity to ask for Lorenzo's shirt.

However, Lorenzo, mindful of the club's policy on giving away shirts, explained that he couldn't give any more away because the club would charge him for them. Undeterred, the Malaga supporter promptly offered to buy the shirt, pulling out a 50 euro note from his pocket.

Caught off guard by the gesture, captured by the TV cameras and broadcast on the programme El Chiringuito, Lorenzo accepted the money and completed the exchange.

Reflecting on the incident, Lorenzo said: "It happened so fast. Just so people understand, we're in Primera RFEF, I'm not a millionaire, I wish I were."

"We're given a limited number of shirts to give away, and I had already distributed mine. After that, the club charges us for additional shirts.

"I mentioned this to the man in the stands, and he offered me 50 euros. It caught me by surprise, and I reacted instinctively to accept it and exchange the shirt."

The scene quickly gained widespread attention after the video went viral. As a result, Lorenzo went on to express his gratitude to the fan but also a tinge of regret. He said: "Now, upon reflection, I realise I shouldn't have taken it. I did it with all the good faith in the world, and I hope people understand."

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