Malaga CF judicial administrator José María Muñoz. Migue Fernández
Malaga CF redundancy plan negotiations conclude with 47 dismissals

Malaga CF redundancy plan negotiations conclude with 47 dismissals

The initial ERE plan proposed by the club's administrator included 74 workers but talks managed to reduce the number of those affected

Antonio Góngora


Friday, 14 July 2023, 14:33


The redundancy programme (ERE) initiated by Malaga CF judicial administrator José María Muñoz a month ago has now reached its conclusion. A total of 47 members of staff will be dismissed - a significant reduction on the number initially mooted.

Negotiations between the club and the committee representing the workers have been ongoing for weeks; the club opened talks with 74 workers included in the ERE, but that number has successfully been reduced by 27. The 47 dismissed workers will leave the club in the coming days.

Among those being made redundant are all the heads of the departments into which the club was divided when it first went into judicial administration. This would suggest that a substantial shakeup in the club hierarchy, with general director Kike Pérez at its head, is coming up.

In a statement published on Friday morning, the club acknowledged that these redundancies became a necessary step following the first team's relegation to the third tier (Primera Federación) and the drastic reduction in income anticipated as a result.

The statement read: "We say goodbye to colleagues who have given their all for our colours. They carried out often unseen work that has made Malaga a better club. [...] Your professionalism and commitment are beyond doubt, but the context in which we find ourselves obliges us to take this difficult step."


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